Writer’s Block

Walking through molasses is nothing to this. I have no idea if I can find enough to say on the movies to make a whole term paper. Well, enough that’s intelligent – fan girl squealing isn’t going to cut it for an academic paper. It’s time for a nap, isn’t it?

On the other hand, I read a very interesting chapter by John Wiltshire in The Cinematic Jane Austen on “period lighting”, and how film makers use it to say “heritage film”. The fact is that in Austen’s time, everything after sunset was marked by darkness, the only light coming from candles or oil lamps (although gas lighting was being invented and started to come into use in her lifetime; but it would be unlikely that any of her characters would have seen or used it). Some of the film adaptations completely ignore that fact, noticeably the 1995 P&P. The evening scenes all take place in brilliantly lit rooms, with the candles just a token image in the background, merely decoration.

Incidentally, I’m using the terms “film” and “movie” indiscriminately to mean “moving picture”, regardless of what medium the picture in question was originally meant for. I think both “film” and “movie” technically means “cinematic release”, with the other being “telefilm”, “TV adaptation”, “TV series” or some such thing. That’s too awkward, though, especially as today we just watch all of them on the small screen via DVD. So I’m just using the shorthand.


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