Annotated Wiz of Oz


Lookit what I just got: The Annotated Wizard of Oz. Centennial Edition, hardcover, with a metallic-embossed dust jacket. Coloured maps of Oz and the surrounding areas on the endpapers. Massively long introduction with background materials (and pictures!) on L. Frank Baum, the book, the stage play, and the MGM movie; the text a facsimile of the first edition, with illustrations by W. W. Denslow. Ahh, bibliophile’s bliss. The battered paperback copy beside it is the one I had up until now – you can see why I needed a new one. Besides, every university course should leave one with at least one nice textbook to add to one’s bookshelves, shouldn’t it?



2 thoughts on “Annotated Wiz of Oz

  1. Gorgeous! I bought a hardcover edition with the original illustrations a few years ago to have for the kids. The store accidentally processed my order twice, and rather than return the second one, I kept it. So now each girl, when she leaves home, will take her very own copy with her. Because that’s an essential for any kid leaving for college or other adventures, right?


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