Narnia Gateway

I chose the children’s books I’m studying based on the fact that they’re popular, that “everybody knows them”. There was definitive proof this morning that I was right at least where The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is concerned.

George Takei, the funny man of Facebook, posted a picture yesterday of a label on the side of a wardrobe, at Costco apparently, which gives the (badly spelled) list of specs of the wardrobe and the price tag. At the bottom of the list, below “cherry venneers” [sic] and “cedar lined storage”, it says “Not a Narnia gateway”.

Nineteen hours later the post has 77,241 “likes”, 16,790 “shares”, and I-dunno-how-many comments (FB isn’t telling me that number). One of the top comments (just under “Lion and Witch sold separately”, which has 1,921 “likes” in its own right) is “Show of hands: who checks every wardrobe they come across for Narnia?” 342 “likes”, several replies, including a link to a Facebook group called “I routinely check closets for Narnia”.

George Takei’s comment on the picture is “Reminds me of that joke: he was so deep in the closet he could see Narnia.”

I’d say that’s evidence that Narnia is well known, wouldn’t you?


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