Onwards to Writing

So I have read, I have watched, I have researched, I have absorbed theory until it’s leaking back out of my ears, I have read and watched again, and now it’s time to put it all together into two lovely pieces of term papering. And there was much rejoicing (yaaaay).

Paper #1, for the fairy tale study, will be on “Snow White” in general and the four movies in particular: the 1916 silent film Snow White (from henceforth SW), the Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (SWSD), Mirror Mirror (MM), and Snow White and the Huntsman (SWH). A major feature of the paper is going to be a comparison of how the movies handle the story elements: the prince (different in each movie), the mirror (ditto), Snow White’s father (some differences), the dwarfs (somewhat similar, especially between the two old movies and the two new ones), details like the apple, and concepts like “beauty” and “power”. One irrelevant side observation is that out of all of the movies, MM is the only one in which Snow White actually is more beautiful than the queen, in my opinion.

Paper #2 is going to be a straight-up comparison of the books (Oz, Narnia and Harry Potter, in case you’ve forgotten), and as I have this propensity of only being able to think deeply about one topic at a time, that one’s on hold until Paper #1 is in the bag. Then I can drill into this one, and the sawdust is going to fly.

Alright, here I go, down the rabbit hole. Wonder if the Mad Hatter’s saved me any tea.


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