Death of the Seven Dwarfs

Crikey, that’s not nice! Look what I just found: a Swiss legend, printed in a book in 1856, that details the miserable end of the poor seven dwarfs: I suppose the dwarfs figured it worked out so well with Snow White, they might as well keep giving house room to lost young girls. But this deal with the oldest one of them taking the girl to sleep in his bed, tsk tsk – not PG13, that. They should have stuck with letting her have one of their beds to herself, and sharing among themselves. Because that’s what proves to be their undoing – a (self-)righteous peasant woman won’t tolerate such goings-on, and brings a couple of burly Black Forest farmers to slaughter the dwarfs and burn down their house (the girl has run off, Goldilocks style. Coward.). At least they give the dwarfs a burial in the woods and don’t just leave the bodies lying about.

On the other hand, this story is fairly specific on where all that happened – if you google-map Brugg, you’ll find it’s just over the Swiss border from Waldshut on the German side. So there’s a chance that some day we might find the gravesite of the seven dwarfs. Oh the research possibilities…


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