And Another Paper Bag

And the second paper is done, as well. Okay, it’s written, might still need a bit of editing and/or polishing. But it’s in the bag, for the most part!

The main point ended up being that Oz, Narnia and Harry Potter are feminist, because  these stories are empowering – all three feature young kids who start out small and weak, and end up defeating big adults (witches/wizards) pretty much all based on their agency and the help of their friends. The other half of my point is that the stories are modern folk tales – again, because they are empowering; they allow us to dream of the possibilities of the little guy becoming strong and overcoming the big bad guy, which is one of the things that folk tales do for us (Jack Zipes says so, so it must be true. :)).

Now I get to have a Christmas break, and I’ll be back in January – hopefully bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to tackle the movies of the books. Should be fun!

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