One More Amazing Book

At the last minute, I got one more amazing piece of research material from the library: Harry Potter: Page to Screen, the Complete Filmmaking Journey by Bob McCabe. I’m almost done my paper, but at least it can still make it into the Bibliography.

This is a beautiful, enormous coffee table book (which would need a sizable coffee table to hold it up – it’s hardcover, 9×13″, 531 pages, probably 3 or 4 lbs in weight) chock-full of pictures of all eight of the movie productions. Photos, sketches, stills, concept art, and loads and loads of text with more information than you could possibly need or desire. I want a copy of that book… But even at a discounted $50, it’s a bit much. It might be just as well I only got a hold of it now, else I would have been tempted to read most of it and include it in my paper. Which really doesn’t need more stuff stuffed in it.

But I just wanted to tell you about it – such a lovely book, it is. (No, oh no, I’m not a Hermione at all. What, me, a nerdy bookworm? You gotta be kidding.)

And now I’ve got to put the last few edits on the paper, and get it out the door.


2 thoughts on “One More Amazing Book

  1. Sounds like an awesome book though. I remember seeing something like that size about the “Rolling Stones” once. BIG!! The good thing is that it will be of use to you in your paper and then will be nice on what must be your very solid coffee table. Or…you can glue legs to one side and let it be its own coffee table. Lol.


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