Beauty and the Beast Meets Pride and Prejudice

This just cracks me up: a mashup of Pride and Prejudice with Beauty and the Beast.

The best part about it is how well it works. The “Beast” voice is so much like Matthew McFadyen’s voice, especially when he says “I’ve never felt this way about anyone” – exactly the Darcy tone. I found this video when I was looking up P&P as a version of B&B – because it is, when you think about it, and apparently I’m not the only one with that opinion.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single Beast in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a Beauty…


5 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast Meets Pride and Prejudice

  1. Delightful. 🙂 I love that Jane Austen always allowed a happy ending. Some critics called her “maudlin”. I think she just knew what her readers needed…why escape into sadness when you can escape into happiness? Life is short. Since I have only read three of Austen’s novels, I cannot speak to all of her books. Of the ones I have read, there is always a bit of a fairy tale feel in them. A bit of magic–some might call coincidence. Always a struggle for right to win in the end. And a heroine and a hero who are embroiled in a monumental journey toward true love. Lol. Sounds old fashioned, but it’s still everywhere and celebrated in today’s pop culture. We never grow tired of it.


    • YOU’VE ONLY READ THREE AUSTEN BOOKS?!? How HAVE you survived up to now?? I’m shocked, simply shocked… 🙂 Well, if you’ve only read three, you’ve got three more to go – lucky you. But be warned, I go even more rabid on Austen than on fairy tales, if that’s possible. Diehard fan. And yes, of course her stories are fairy tales – but they’re also a form of social realism, exactly describing the world she lived in. Oh yes, lots to say about that… but I’ll spare you. 🙂


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