Once Upon a Blog on Léon Bakst’s Oddly Compelling Sleeping Beauty Series

A very funny commentary on InkGypsy’s blog on a series of very beautiful “Sleeping Beauty” paintings:

Léon Bakst’s Oddly Compelling Sleeping Beauty Series (With Commentary)

Take a look – it’s a good laugh.



Caliph Stork

Check out InkGypsy’s post on “Caliph Stork”, one of the fairy tales written by my beloved Wilhelm Hauff: http://fairytalenewsblog.blogspot.ca/2017/05/caliph-stork-by-wilhelm-hauff.html. Some gorgeous illustrations here.

What I find quite fascinating is that “Caliph Stork”, written by a early-19th-century German, has made it into genuine Middle Eastern folklore. A clear top-down genesis of a folktale – and one crossing cultural boundaries, at that! Talk about cultural appropriation – but the culture in question re-appropriated it. I wonder how many other times that has happened.