“Puss in Boots” by Lotte Reiniger

I just discovered one of my favourite fairy tales told by one of my favourite film makers, the amazing and talented Lotte Reiniger, who pioneered stop-motion silhouette animation in the early 20th century. Here it is: “Puss in Boots”, by Lotte Reiniger, 1954.

Cinderella in Scissors and Paper

I just found the most amazing Cinderella movie: Lotte Reiniger’s 1922 version done in Scherenschnitt (paper cut-out), shadow puppet style. It’s available on Youtube in several different versions (some with music, some without). Beautiful, hilarious in places, and touching. And because paper cut-outs never speak, anyway, and are black-and-white by definition, it has a really contemporary feel to it – unlike with other silent-film-era movies, you forget that this is nearly a hundred years old. It’s short (just twelve minutes), but amazing.