quill and qwerty

This blog started when I was a grad student, working on my MA (this one, with a focus in Literary Studies and a Final Project, aka thesis, on Fairy Tales).

As I said at the time, I was using QWERTY to write about words first written with a quill. Or a dip pen, perhaps. Or a clickety-clack typewriter. But then that would be a QWERTY again, wouldn’t it? We come full circle. Anyway, all of this had the purpose of recording my research for my studies.

Originally the blog started for just one course, a reading course on Jane Austen. But I enjoyed myself so much with this blogging-by-way-of-studying gig, I carried it on to my next few courses, adding category pages for each stream of studies. So, by the time I finished my degree (August 2014), there was one page for all the Austen posts, one for Children’s Literature, and one for Fairy Tales – see tabs at the top. You can also find all the posts together in one big jumble on the front page.

After graduating, I parked the blog for a while, but now (March 2017) I thought it might be time to start it up again. So, with an updated tagline and renewed vigour, here we are.

Incidentally, if you want to know more about me (as opposed to just listening to my illustrious thoughts), pop over to my personal blog page, www.amovitam.ca.